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  • What is Raseedi?
    Raseedi is an application for dual sim users, helping them save up to 30%of their consumption. It is a smart wallet, showing the users the best offers and deals.
  • How does Raseedi help the user save up?
    1. Raseedi automatically makes the call from the cheapest and most suitable sim card. 2. Raseedi shows you the breakdown of your minutes consumption to all networks, as well as internet consumption whether it was wifi or mobile data. 3. Raseedi will bring you the newest offers and deals in the market, and help you stay up to date. 4. Raseedi will tell you the best bundle based on your monthly consumption from 500 available bundles in the Egyptian market.
  • Does Raseedi work on any network? Is it available online and offline?
    Yes, Raseedi works on all Egyptian networks. All features are available and does not require an internet connection, except best offers features that requires an online connection so you could get the newest offers in the market.
  • How much does it cost to have Raseedi?
    On the contrary, Raseedi is a free service available for all people on Google Play Store. It will cost you nothing, and help you save up.
  • Why does Google Play Store say that it is not available in my country?
    Unfortunately in the time being Raseedi is only available in Egypt and for the Egyptian market. Make sure that the country in the Play Store setting is set to be "Egypt".
  • My phone has the same service. Why would I download Raseedi?
    Phones only provide choosing the sim service, while Raseedi automatically choose the cheapest and the most suitable sim to make your call. Also, Raseedi helps the user understand and track their consumption for all networks. In addition to that, Raseedi brings the users the most up to date offers and deals in the market.
  • Does Raseedi work only for dual sim users?
    No, Raseedi helps single sim users as well. You can use the app to learn and track your consumption, know the best offers, and know the best bundle you should be on according to your monthly consumption.
  • Why does it requires several permissions to use the app? Is it available for all Android systems?
    Any app requires certain information and data to provide their best service. We need permission for the users' logs and contacts in order to give you a full picture for your consumption. However, you could decline the permissions in the application set up. Raseedi is available for Android 6 to above.

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