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Building Fintech for the masses

Telecom is a dying industry? Why bother?. We’ve heard that hundreds of times from different people. Investors have shrugged off getting into an initial discussion with us just from the fear of telecom. It’s a saturated industry, there’s no available research material on the industry like for example logistics or E-commerce. Players are limited and quite Big, fencing new entrants. But here’s the thing: the top Fintech players in Egypt are operator wallets (specifically VF Cash) and Fawry, and they all started with telecom and telecom top up… So we’re not just a telecom company, we’re a data company! Let me tell you how:

Every fintech player must have an entry point to the user’s lifestyle, here are some you might see in the market:

* Some don’t for sure, but their solutions usually target niche high value educated customers, who simply don’t need an intro to fintech.

Why is it always something first then a fintech twist?

You want to introduce the new entrants to the world of fintech gradually.

  • Sell them a product in cash

  • Offer the product payment online

  • Offer them an advance

  • Finally kill the cash and move everything digital, payments, transfers, borrowing.

That’s the trick.

But what is common between all of the above industries?

  1. Large numbers of people

  2. A regular service or an app opened frequently (2-3 times a week maybe)

  3. Transactions that can be paid online

  4. Data, Data, and Data

Back to the golden question: why bother with telecom??

  1. Telecom operators have the largest masses of people on their network 60 million Egyptians to be specific. The highest penetration in any possible industry.

  2. It’s a daily service, not twice a week but DAILY. Imagine the stickiness that offers?

  3. Now imagine a monthly regular payment paid by 60 million (all of them) for top-ups or Bills.

  4. But here’s the golden egg that comes with telecom, the behavioral data. You build data models and algorithms on daily user interactions not weekly.

So Here’s how we built Raseedi…

  • A daily dialer that saves on calls and other services opened 5 times every single day/user.

  • We upsell to frequent users Payments online 30% conversion of users

  • We upsell advance credit to those who our Data model score deems trustworthy.

If you have any questions, DM Raseedi and our team will get back to you 😉

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