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Our People; Team Highlights

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

#Team_insights By Ahmed Atalla, Raseedi Co-founder.

Because nothing is better than talking about your teammates, sharing memories and the stops of the journey. We have decided to share with you every week our journey with one of our team members. Picking with whom to begin was one simple and easy task, it couldn’t have been other than team member No.1 who's been through it all our Brand Manager Reem Samy.

Our logo started as a stock icon from google images, our UI a replica of the normal phone dialer and very simple UX since the only feature was to divert calls for Dual Sim users. Until one day we bumped into Reem, who as young as she was when we met her was bold and straightforward.

You need a designer, this is not OKAY."

She was right, the following day we asked her to join our journey and she agreed. Raseedi has been live for 3 years now, witnessed 3 full revamps, 3 brands lifts and 1 complete UX change. She was behind it all.

Usually it’s difficult to combine the job of a branding designer, UI designer, UX designer and a social media designer in one person, for us the answer was just one person Reem. The fastest learner we have worked with, if she doesn’t know it, she plans a consultancy project with an expert for a few weeks and BAM! She’s handling it all on her own going forward. In just one month, she transitioned from our Lead designer to a much broader and bigger role, our Brand Manager. Handling not just designs but all channels of communication at Raseedi.

On her first assignment as our brand manager she pulled off all of the below in a few weeks:

And many more to come.

Our expectations with her on the technical side of things are limitless, whenever she’s comfortable she grows out of the comfort zone and beyond. But what makes her more special is how she acts as the glue that connects the whole team together. On one end she was the main reason why every team member fell in love with our product and our brand. To the extent that before our brand relaunch they started offering her bribes (chocolates and ice cream nothing serious don’t worry) to show them the new branding before it was announced to the team.

Never too serious, always the fun side of Raseedi, yet put her in the most serious meeting ever, suddenly the most professional, detail oriented and meticulous person pops up. You should see her planning sheets and you’ll definitely understand what we mean. She gave us a reason to believe that achievement and fun can be mixed. That being amazing at what you do, doesn’t necessarily mean you should walk around with a frown. Simply, whenever there is a chance to applaud, be the first to clap for your teammates like she always does in our meetings.

Here’s to our Number 1, our first believer and the biggest fan of Raseedi. Reemo!

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